Notes from Session Meeting

Highlights from Session Meeting, Jan. 7, 2018


The Session of First Presbyterian Church is busy with plans for 2018 and we need your input and support.  Thank you to all who have continued to be present in worship and join in prayer and participation as we journey forward.


Teams are looking for those willing to use their energy, enthusiasm, imagination, creativity, and support.  Please contact one of the team leaders to volunteer:

Building and Grounds – Ron Gajewski

Worship/Creative Worship – Sandra Burke

Finance – Deanne Mowrer

Evangelism/Mission – Tom Ellison

Spiritual Formation – Marcella Dodillet

Personnel – Linda Anderson


We were pleased to learn that Pastor Chris Williams will be the chairperson of the administrative commission (the team of 3 elders and 2 pastors who will share their experiences with us and walk alongside us as we journey forward).  Our first get-together to share information will be on Tuesday, January 30, 2018.  Chris will also serve as our pulpit supply the 3rd Sunday of each month.


We have ongoing mission grant funds to be used and have been given an additional $125 from Presbytery/Synod to supplement our choice of creative outreach ministry in this community.


The annual report for 2017 is in progress and within the next few weeks, a congregational meeting will be called to share this with you.


Thank you again for the ongoing prayers and support for the vital ministry of First Presbyterian Church.


Sandra Burke, Clerk of Session




Pastoral Care



NEXT WEEK’S CALENDAR: February 4th to February 11th, 2018


SUNDAY February 4

9am: Sunday School

10am: Worship Service:  Brad Henson

Children are invited to stay in worship or 0-4 year olds may attend the nursery and 5-12 year olds may attend children’s church following the children’s message Susan Gajewski will be teaching this Sunday.


MONDAY  February 5

9:00AM  Office Volunteer - Susan Wells

1:30pm  Study Club - Guthrie Room

5:00pm  Priscilla Circle


9:00am. 12:15PM,  6:00PM  Weight Watchers

9:00am   JCMA

10am: Share the Prayer


6:00pm  D8  -  Frankies on the Hill,  Nashville, Il


9:00am  Sunday School

10:00am  Worship Service   Creative Worship Team

Audrey Poe and Emily Cooper will be teaching the Childens' class








Hello & TY,


I raised my children in MTV and First Presbyterian was so very spiritually instrumental in

Edward & Cassie lives🙏


Prof Edward is author of ten books & expert on World Religions & has 3 lovely children in Indy❣️

Cassie is in CA., & has two darling sweet daughters💞


I just want you as a Congregation to know how lovingly you impacted our lives

And I am eternally grateful.


In fact:

I still miss ‘Priscilla Circle’💐


Sending love & prayers,


Susan Curtis

314.308.5075 cell

(Returning to O’Fallon area)



Pastoral Care:  Contact the church office at 244-34210  or the Deacons with pastoral care concerns.












The Last Sunday of every month the M&M Crew helps serve a meal at Lifeboat Homeless Shelter.  We meet at 4:30pm to begin the work and then serve.

Save the Date:

Lifeboat Meals: Last Sunday of the month







Mission Team




The ongoing Community Meal keeps growing from month to month.  But the story isn't the delicious food (although it is becoming the talk of the town), the story is in the people who come through the doors of FPC receiving a small blessing in the form of food from wherever they have been to wherever they are going no questions asked. 

Even the Presbyterian Church's Synod of the Linclon Trails has been impressed with the effort that they have awarded grant money to continue this ministry and continue to be the hands and feet of Christ through one meal at a time.

The  Community Meals are held the second Monday of every month from 11am-1pm.  All are invted and welcome. Come join us for a delicious meal on March 12..We will be servingBaked glazed chicken thighs, Vegetable, Bread, Salad and dessert.  Everyone is welcomef                   







WORSHIP   February 4

Leading Worship:  Brad Henson

Liturgist:  Laney Wells and Baylee Kirkman

Organist:  Susan Wells

Music Director:  Sandra Burke

Sound Tech:  Katelyn Tilley

Ushers:  Judy Myers, Jim Redpath, M&M Crew

Children's Church:  Susan Gajewski


WORSHIP   February 11

Leading Worship:  Creative Worship Team

Liturgist:  Marcia Ellison

Organist:  Susan Wells

Music Director:  Sandra Burke

Sound Tech:  Katelyn Tilley

Ushers: Sarah Lou Bicknell, Bob Windhorst, Dave Stephens, Mike Huntman

Children's Church:  Audrey Poe and Emily Cooper


Presbyterian Women



The Presbyterian Women have set their bazaar date for Saturday, March 24, 2018.

Remember Priscilla Circle meets the first Monday night of the month at 5:00pm.  Mary Martha meets the second Tuesday of the month at 10:00am.  Hope to see you all there.

We will pick back up with our crafting Fridays on February 16th at 9;00am



spiritual formation



  Do you like Coffee or a hot beverage?

Do you have questions about faith?


The world?

Your beliefs?

What it means to be a Presbyterian? 

What it meants to be a Christian?

Things about Scripture and how it applies to what's happening today?

Then come and join the Coffee and Questions group every Sunday morning before worship in the fellowship all.

It is always an interesting time, discussing various topics and questions which come up concerning our beliefs, and our world!










If you like to read, discuss, and learn about different religious points of view, join the book study group that meets at 9:00am on Sunday mornings in the Freytag Room.

This Sunday, we will be discussing Ch. 18.

Marcia Ellison and Susan Gajewski will be leading the discussion. 

Our next book will begin soon.


















Our Children's Church began its winter season.   Children 5-13 years old are invited to attend children's church following the children's message.

Linda Anderson will be leading the childrens class this week


Ultimately each week children will get to learn and grow with various members of our congregation who feel passionate about Christian Education.

  We hope your children will enjoy this new exploration in their faith through relationships with their community of faith!