SUNDAY, October 14

Leading Worship: Brenda Torres

Liturgist: Sandra Burke

Organist: Susan Wells

Music Director: Sandra Burke

Ushers: Ron Gajewski Mike Huntman

Sound Tech: Pat Burke





Sunday, October 21

Leading Worship:  Chris Williams

Liturgist: Emily Cooper

Organist: Susan Wells

Music Director: Sandra Burke

Ushers: Judy Myers Sarah Lou Bicknell

Sound Tech: Sue Tomlin



Join the Dinner D'8 group on Thursday, October 18 to have dinner at the Blue Boar in Anna. We will meet there at 6:30pm. The address is 920 Kratzinger Hollow Road. If you would like to car pool, let Marcie and Gary know. There is a sign up sheet in the Narthex.  Please join us for a fun evening!



Leading Worship: Sandra Burke

Liturgist: Susan Gajewski

Music Director: Sandra Burke

Organist: Susan Wells

Ushers: Ron Gajewski Mike Huntman

Sound Tech: Dale Anderson





Leading Worship: Dan Selock

Liturgist: Betty Stelmazewski

Organist: Susan Wells

Music Director: Sandra Burke

Ushers: Judy Myers Mike Richardson

Sound Tech: Pat Burke


spiritual formation

Book Discussion Group

will be our thirfd Sunday on our new book, The Book of Joy. by the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu. We will be discussing Chapter3, Have you renounced pleasure? We have only started this book, so there is lots of time still to join us. You will find interesting lively discussions you are sure to enjoy.






















Our regular Adult Sunday School Class will be this Sunday at 9:00am. It is always an interesting time, discussing various topics and questions which come up concerning our beliefs, and our world.

















Preteen Group meets upstairs after the Children's Sermon. A time for discussion about current issues using scripture for guidelines and a time for fun and fellowship. We will be working on Halloween Kitchen Treats


Mission Team



Here is a letter we received from Rev. Chirwa after we sent the money we raised for the roof on the church.



Tom Ellison

Hope all is well with you, your family and all fellow brotheren at Mount Vernon church. It would please us much to learn and hear that.

The sum you sent of $500 has been changed to MWK350000. The church exploded into great roar showing happiness and joy. We are very joyfu, greatful, thankful to you all for a great noble kind gesture accorded to us. We glorify God for this unspeakable gift. You have blessed us in a very special way portraying your faith in our Lord Jesus Christ shinning forth narrating good news of Christ being and generosity in you. You will be and live in our hearts, life and Church all the times. May our good Lord God bless, reward back many folds handsomely for your prosperity, well-being and firmness in spirit.

All the best, peace and love to you all.

Rev Patrick







2nd Monday of each month!!!

Remember all are welcome.  We look forward to seeing everyone there,  We will be serving 11am to 1pm.  Please join us!!!





Our next Mission Meal will be held after worship on October 28.  The proceeds from this Meal will go to Marion Medical Mission.

Presbyterian Women





The annual Presbyterian Women’s Rummage Sale will be Friday, October 12, 2015 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday, October 13 from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Rummage items can be brought to the West Hall PW Room at any time this summer. No computers, No mattresses, or, pillows (unless clean and slightly used) can be accepted. We will beevery Wednesday at 1:00pm.. Please come help if you can.





The Annual PW Cookie Walk will be held December 8. We will begin cookie baking after the rummage sale has concluded. This is such a fun time as we make and decorate cookies for this community event. If you can help out, we need everyones help. Be thinking about what delicious cookies you would like to prepare. We have so many people in the community that look forward to this event. This year, please bring a copy of your recipe for our cookie book we will be making. It is sure to be a successful event and will again be under the direction of Deanne Mowrer. Mark your calendars!!!!