We are church committed to reaching out to the community of Christ.
Our mission efforts include:

Lifeboat Alliance Family Shelter (www.lifeboatalliance.org)
Helping Homeless Weather Life's Storm.  Our congregation helps support by volunteering monthly (the last Sunday of the month) with a homecooked meal, we have volunteers who help staff the front desk, and periodically have opportunities to donate needed materials.

Kemmerer Village (www.kemmerervillage.org)
Helping Today's Child.  We help give gifts of Christmas presents and financial donations to help Kemmerer Village.  Periodically we volunteer to help with needed upkeep of the Village for the facilities housing children who need extra support through education and ongoing housing.

Marion Medical Mission (www.mmmwater.org)
Marion Medical Mission makes a difference in countries like Malawi and Tanzania building wells in small communities so they will have clean water.  Our congregation sponsors local participants and presbytery wide participants in these endeavors and trips through funding, education, and collaboration.

Mission Meals
Following our Sunday 10am worship services we hold a monthly mission meal.  Each meal's funds are designated to a different mission.  Recent mission meals have included funds to St. Jude's Hospital, Kemmerer Village, Marion Medical Mission, PCUSA Global missions, and many more.

Community Meals & Community Clothes Line

An outreach of the Mission team to feed and clothe people in our community no matter what brings them to the door of the church. The Mission meals are the second Monday of the month from 11am-1pm.  The clothes line is in the back of the church welcome to any and all who pass are passing through.

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